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The trip to Zanzibar, also known as Magical Spice Island with stunning beaches, which forms part of the United Republic of Tanzania, which is located in East Africa is always unforgettable. In fact, Zanzibar is the name of a group of small islands and two large islands: Zanzibar and Pemba, located 35 km off the coast of Africa. We warmly invite you to explore this island and discover your ideal travel experience while on trip to Zanzibar and its beaches.
The island’s charm is marred by the virgin white beaches adorned with a blue-turquoise sea; In the white-washed crooked alleys of the Old City; In the night markets and the fresh food that was planted straight from the sea.
Zanzibar has a wide range of hotels. From magical and secluded suites on private beaches to family hotels with pool, private beaches and all the other treats you can only dream of. Staying in Zanzibar is a unique and fascinating experience as a result of this combination of virginity and authenticity with advanced tourist services.
While on trip to Zanzibar, we can offer many options of doing short safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania mainland
A vacation trip to Zanzibar is the perfect opportunity to escape the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city’s fast pace of life, catching peace as there is only on the African continent. Stroll barefoot on the beach and devote yourself to the good sun, snorkel in a beautiful riff or simply lay out a towel on the sand and enjoy the perfect peace. The depth of Zanzibar’s experience lies in the small details, the personal sewing, the secrets that those who know found a home in paradise.
The island and its beaches has been fascinating for travelers from around the world for centuries. They came here to trade ivory and spices, to buy slaves, and sometimes to conquer and settle down. Today, tourists from around the world discover the virgin charm of the tropical island. International-class hotels allow the first-class tourist a treat and comfort, fine western cuisine, water sports clubs and fascinating rainforest tours, spice farms and more.
The island’s beaches are greatly affected by the tides, at different times you can see the ocean water approaching or moving away from the shoreline. Particularly noticeable on the east side of the island.
At low tide, local women can see algae dropping from the regions the sea has withdrawn from, thus increasing the export of algae from Zanzibar to the world. A very big industry these days.

Zanzibar tourism board together with other authorities strive to conserve Zanzibar to make it even a better place for tourism

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