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An organized trip in Uganda, the pearl of Africa  gives the feeling that all of Africa’s beauty has focused on one country, not particularly great. Primates and Gorillas of Uganda together with High mountains with snow-capped peaks, facing the Syrian-African rift, safaris, mountain gorillas, tropical forests and Savannah plains. Arid areas and opposite water on all sides – Lake Victoria, White Nile and large waterfalls.
The trip here gives a “real Africa” ​​feel, with no souvenir booths in every corner or village mainly maintained for the benefit of tourists.
 To see one of Uganda’s unique attractions, one has to venture to the southwestern edge of the country, to the mountain gorillas. The visit to the reserves where gorillas can be seen is quite complex, and the movement there is done only on foot, a challenging trek in the mountains and through dense forests. But even those who give up the opportunity to meet gorillas in the wild will not be disappointed in Uganda’s other reserves.
An organized trip to the gorillas in the jungle of Uganda
Rwenzori mountain
Rwenzori Mountain peak in Uganda
In Uganda there are tangled rainforests, safaris, Treks for the Primates and Gorillas of Uganda, floodwaters, the overflowing Nile River, impressive volcanoes and lots of animals; These include chimpanzees, elephants, alligators, hippopotamuses and storks. Organized trip in Uganda, the place where we almost established the Jewish state and that Shinston Churchill called “the pearl of Africa“.
For trekkers their adventure will be quenched by conquering the peak of Rwenzori mountain, the Margeritta peak

The Green Country is in the equatorial region, in the eastern part of Central Africa, and boasts a wide variety of landscapes. Safaris, tropical rainforests alongside expansive savannas, the Syrian-African fault zone, and the highest peaks in the entire African continent. In the territory of Uganda, the White Nile flows and has impressive fracture lakes and waterfalls.
שייט אפריקאי בקנו - אוגנדה
The capital of Uganda is Kampala.

Uganda Nature Reserves are beautiful and impressive in all of Africa. Among other things, it is recommended to visit the Queen Elizabeth Reserve located at the foot of a mountain range and especially impressive lakes and the concentration of waterfowl and hippos; The overcast Murchison Falls on the White Nile; The Forest Reserve has got the most animal-rich, including chimpanzees and more.


Uganda’s most famous reserve is also the most complicated to visit: the Windy Reserve. At the Uganda-Rwanda-Congo border meeting, the reserve received its publicity thanks to the mountain gorillas living there. The reserve is in the heart of a tangled rainforest, on mountain slopes that rise to more than 2,000 m high, and there live several families of gorillas, totaling about three hundred individuals.



Those who have met the most impressive human monkeys face to face in their natural surroundings tell of a unique and exciting experience.

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