Rwenzori Mountains National Park


The Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda consists of six distinct mountains, Stanley, Speke, Baker, Emin, Gessi and Savioa.

Mt Stanley’s 5109m Margherita Peak is the third highest point in Africa.


The Rwenzori range, which lies on the Uganda-Congo border on the edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, measures approximately 110km long and 50km wide. The high Rwenzori bears six distinct mountains. Mt Stanley

The mountainous park is also home to 18 mammal species, 217 bird species, 9 species of reptiles and 6 species of amphibians. Large mammals, including elephant, buffalo, giant forest hog, bushbuck, chimpanzee and leopard are present in the forest zone, but are rarely seen. Though elephant droppings are frequently found and chimpanzees heard while blue monkeys and the endemic Rwenzori colobus may be sighted. Rwenzori is home to 217 recorded bird species, most of which live in the forest zone close to the park boundary. 

The park is known for its wide variety of plants. The nature of the vegetation depends to a great extent on the height, when a number of different areas must be distinguished:
Below 2,400 feet of vegetation is defined as a tropical rainforest, with tropical fruits, high mineral content and climbing plants. This area has large and ancient trees.

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