Paradise for nature lovers for 4 nights in the Selous Game Reserve. Africa’s most beautiful and diverse reserve. Travel between unspoiled tropical villages and mountains, 420 bird species, wildlife reserve rich in wildlife and 3 day reserve.

Arrival to Dar es Salaam. And after check out with a $ 50 visa for a person, you will receive a safari vehicle with Sima Safari’s guide and straight to the Selous Game reserve with WIFI in-car with local Internet packages, all-day minerals and packed lunches.
A typical safari vehicle is equipped with power outlets, a vehicle suitable for 7 bullets but only 4 photographers in each vehicle.
The unique Selous Park in southern Tanzania. Is the encounter between the animal species of East Africa and those of the South. A fascinating variety of many mammal species, reptiles and 420 species of birds in a huge variety of colors. Selous is considered to be the wildest park in Tanzania, and because of its remoteness, not many tourists visit it.


We will ride our jeeps on the reserve, between the five lakes and the huge Rufiji River that give the reserve a dimension that does not exist in any other reserve in Tanzania. Turn off the car engines and watch the variety of animals descending to quench their thirst in lake water; Elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, tallow wolves, hyenas and many more.
Inside the blue water are hippos interspersed with a plethora of birds that fill the air with warnings from the giant crocodiles, lurking to the herds of antelope descending from pastures to sip in the lake. Properly photographing tour will be allocated a long time and according to the guidelines of your loyal instructor for photography from every angle.
Selous is a teacher best suited for those who like to take photos, and the reasons are:


• A diverse landscape of mountains and great lakes and rivers that add to the variety of wildlife on land and water and air.
• It is permissible to remove from the hinges what is not allowed in any other nature reserve and can be approached from a zero-distance shooting object
• Experienced photographic safari drivers who understand the photographer’s head and move right to left and back to find the right angle for photographers
• The only safari close to wonderful beaches that diversify photography and photo landscapes


Accommodation in Selous for 3 nights
Lodge accommodation within the AFRICA SAFARI CAMP 
A small swimming pool for something hippo, and wildlife that can cross the lodge (no fencing in the lodges).



This too may happen from time to time in the Lodge
Combine morning safari along river and lakes until noon and on evening boat safari.
On this day its unique due to composition of game drive and boat safari offering a high chance od spotting both land and marine animals.


A wide variety of kingfishers, sharks, fish eagles, faces, yachts and various strange storks and a wide variety of birds and all among hippopotamus, crocodiles, monkeys and big mammal flocks that may descend to the river and lakes quench their thirst and all in the background of spectacular tree trunks , A celebration for photographers for the landscapes of Genesis.
Arrive at SIWANDU Lake at the end of the cruise to lunch on the banks of the lake and continue an afternoon safari ride on various safari destinations and surprises from the previous day. Back at 6:30 pm to the hotel.













Farther lakes in Selous Lake Manze and Tagalala different landscapes different vegetation and one hot spring for relaxation in the middle of the safari in a most surprising place. We will end this day with a quality tented lodge on the west side of the Selous Reserve.


Departure in the morning towards a rural road reserve and the Uluguru Mountains in the Morogoro region
Arrive around afternoon.


A day at a location reserve also called Little Serengeti.
Large concentration of African wildlife in a relatively small area. We will wait during the hot hours in the small lakes all the herds come to each other for a drink and slow down near the water bath.


Elephants strolling and playing with each other in the water, squabbling and wrestling, giraffes slowly pacing and watching from above for dangers before deciding to step foot and drink from the lake’s waters in the most uncertain position if a hungry lion bursts. Almost no need to travel simply all animals come in turn to drink and each one has its own story.















Depart early morning for Ruaha National Park for 4 nights at the reserve.
A drive of about 5.5 hours from the reserve spots is famous for the sheer amount of elephants that come. The River Ruaha is the only one that flows at this time of year and therefore around it a huge number of animals.
The Lions of See that love buffalo meat and scoop up very brave and tough lions there




Ruaha is the Wildest and beautiful reserve somewhere in central Tanzania. 
Depart at around 06:30am and drive to  Iringa city and from there around 10:00am flight to Dar es Salaam and  at 4:40 pm Flight to your next destination
Standard-class lodges and accommodation at the National parks Cottages/camps
Price if 2 people $ 3315 per person in a double room
Price if 3 people $ 2990 per person in a double room
If 4 people $ 2880 per person in a double room
Price if 5 people $ 2760 per person in a double room
If 6 people: $ 2730 per person in a double room.


Price if 2 people $ 4075 per person in a double room
Price if 3 people $ 3745 per person in a double room
If 4 people $ 3640 per person in a double room
Price if 5 people $ 3530 per person in a double room
If 6 people: $ 3490 per person in a double room.


The price includes:
• 11 days of Safari Guide
• Water for all safaris
• Full board in all safaris
• All costs mentioned
• 3 nights at the AFRICA SAFARI Hotel in the Selous Game reserve OR SELOUS RIVER SIDE CAMP
• Night at the SAIBLE MOUNTIAN VIEW Hotel in West Selous
• 4 nights at the Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park at TANDALA LUXURY CAMP
• Local flight from Iringa to Dar es Salaam
• Small Swahili English maps and dictionary


Price does not include:
• $ 50 visa
• Tips for a guide and other hotel providers
• Drinks other than mineral water on a trip
• International flight 

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