A Day in an Avatar ancient authentic Hunters bushman Tribe, Ceremony and Maturity Tasks for Adolescents in the Maasai Tribe and a Quiz Award for Tribal and Safari Animals along the days with a trophy at the end.
Tanganyika and Zanzibar and after the Union – Tanzania, which lies along the tropical beaches of the Indian Ocean in East Africa, the homeland of Simba and Pumba, Kilimanjaro and Africa’s largest and most wildernesses, with dozens of tropical islands and the most famous of them – Zanzibar, is a combination of wild and wild wildlife. An African experience that touches everything Tanzania knows how to give.


Number of clients: 15+
Validity: Throughout the year
Arrival at Kilimanjaro international airport:
Departure at Zanzibar international airport:


Note: Meals are on full board basis during the safari and half board basis in Zanzibar
Day 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro, transfer to accommodation in Arusha
Sangaiwe tented camps  or similar
Day 2: Tarangire National Park
Marera valley lodge or similar
Day 3: African Authentic tribes of Maasai, Hadzabe and Datuuga
Marera valley lodge or similar
Day 4: Ngorongoro Area and Crater
Marera valley lodge or similar
Day 5: Lake Manyara National Park
Ocean Paradise beach resort or Similar
Day 5 to 10: Transfer to Zanzibar for five nights
Ocean Paradise beach resort or Similar
Arrival to Kilimanjaro international airport at the noon time. Sima Safari guides with our safari special cars will meet you at the airport parking lot.

You will receive your packed lunch, mineral water for safari days, local sim card for any traveler with next week’s internet package and more surprises, 12 Voltz sockets for mobile and tablets, and a private seat to each traveler
Arriving Around 5pm to a lovely lodge on the border of the Tarangire National park which will be your first destination on the second day trip.
A few minutes of getting organized and walking safari near the hotel around GNU antelope and Zebras.

Dinner and sleep in a special SANGAIWE LUXURY TENT CAMP OR SIMILAR
Breakfast – at the plane to Tanzania
Lunch – in a packed lunch box
Dinner – at the lodge in the Safari
After breakfast around 08:30, starting you first day ofgame drive safari in the Tarangire National park. An entire day in the Tarangire; the Kingdom of the Elephant, more than 420 bird species paradise for birding, many antelopes herds and all predators in one relatively small park. Tarangire National park is also the park of the famous Baobab tree “The giving tree” the first quiz will be related to this tree be prepare.
Around 17:00 pm leaving the park anddriving towards the next destination and accommodation in the Ngorongoro area in a floral and green beautiful MARERA VALLEY LODGE OR SIMILAR.

Breakfast – at the lodge
Lunch – lunch box from the lodge
Dinner – at the lodge of day 2


6000 Elephants at Tarangire National Park

Even the elephant looks small while walking beside the Baobab trees

All big cats can be seen in Tarangire NP
African authentic tribes and clan
Bnot and Bnei Mitzvah’s maturation ceremony is combined in:

A very early morning bush walk with the Bushmen of the Hadzabe clan, searching for food, later this morning a visit to the area of the Bushmen tribal life and the Datuga tribe the blacksmith as thousands years back. After the morning visit lunch at your lodge short rest and, afternoon a visit to the Maasai tribe and a maturing ceremony and surprising activities for the Mitzvah children.


A day that starts very early after coffee with a cake at 4:45 am for a fascinating encounter that you will experienced with a Bushmen clan hunters. Walking for a real hunt with a group of hunters of the Hadzabe Clan, hunting with archery every day for their meals: birds in most places, sometimes if they are lucky bigger animals. Their level of professionalism in archery is incredible.

After returning from the bush walk, you will practice in archery guide by the Hadzabe man, A showcase for the ancient human period is completely authentic, after the hunting trip we will tour the tribal living areas without shelter, eating, telling jokes in their language (from Namibia) and smoking non-stop marijuana
These happy clans have no interest on changing their avatar life.
The men hunts and the women gather seeds fruits fetching water after digging borehole
They won’t even use the wheel…


Hadzabe man wake up in the morning in his Baobab tree


Every day early morning they are going to hunt,, not frig or any other way to preserve meat more than few hours .


After the visit to the Hadzabe clan, you will visit a clan next to them with blacksmiths people, among the tools they produce by the first Iron Age methods, are the arrows of the Hadzabe tribe who, in return, share with their hunters as a barter deal. Back at the hotel around 12:00 lunch at the hotel, short rest, and for the next mission of the Mitzva children.


A Datuga tribe elder man
After a short rest at around 2pm, a short drive to the Maasai tribe near Lake Manyara to learn about the tribe culture, and to experience unique activities specially organized for the mitzvahs children along with the Maasai children who are also in the process of significant maturity at these ages.
We will not explain on what are the surprises you will experience, everything will be revealed upon your arrival in the tribal areas. A few fascinating hours in the Maasai tribe
Some clues about what the Mitzva children are going to experience







At the end of an intensive day with experiences and after we sign your Maasai maturation document back to the hotel for dinner and overnight
Breakfast – at the lodge
Lunch – at the lodge
Dinner – at the lodge
A full game drive day at the Ngorongoro conservation reserve one of the wonders of the natural world, the beginning of the day after entering the reserve will pass through a lovely rainforest that will take you to the cliff edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, a beautiful view on the crater’s quiz for the Mitzva, and proceeding along the road entering to the crater,,

The Ngorongoro Caldera Crater (a volcano that collapsed below it) – Imagine the Grand canyon with all the safari animals in one relatively small place and with them the tribes of the Maasai and their herds integrate their herds close to the herds of wild animals and Zebra and wildebeest. During this game drive day you will see Simba and most of Simba’s friends, lions, leopard, rhinos, elephants, pumba (warthog), timons (Mongoose), hyenas, and herds in huge numbers, Hippopotamuses, and a huge variety of colorful birds. This day and others will be accompanied by a quiz on the Africa safari and a search for landmarks leading for the finale treasure and trophy in a small Lost Island in Zanzibar. Accommodation in: MARERA VALLEY LODGE


Maasai Morani (worriers ) and rhino at Ngorongoro crater


Mufasa and Skar when they were young brothers

Simba mother Nira and all the young team



Game drive in Lake Manyara national park and evening flight to Zanzibar.
After an early breakfast, we will spend half a day safari in the Lake Manyara National park. The park is at the foot of the African famous riff valley and strong tributaries cross it from the cliff to the Lake which is at the edge of the reserve.

The first part of the park is a thick forest with flowing streams, among which many flocks of baboon monkeys play among the treetops and water sources, it is a paradise for them here.
In the lower area an open planes Savannah near the lake where there are many herds and a huge species of birds, most notably the flamingos that paint the lake’s parts in pink.
After lunch at the park, leave at approximately 14:30 to Kilimanjaro airport for a direct flight to Zanzibar.
Take of around 19:40 Landing at 20:40 pm Pick up from the airport in Zanzibar straight to the hotel along the turquoise beaches of the Indian Ocean.



Lake Manyara national park


Breakfast – at the safari lodge
Lunch – lunch box at the Park
Dinner – at the hotel in Zanzibar (late dinner) arriving around 22:00 to the hotel


Hotel in Zanzibar is Ocean Paradise resort and spa or similar


A little belly on the beach at the hotel to rest one day from the safari trip.
You can choose from, back tummy, tummy tuck, on the side, spa, massage, beach walking, cycling on site around the hotel and beach volleyball, or sailing in Catamaran or kayak with some small extra cost.
Selected hotel accommodation
Morning – Hotel
Lunch – At The hotel pool (Lunch is not included in the price)
Dinner – Hotel
A trip to northern Zanzibar attractions.
Fisherman village, a Center for the protection of sea turtles, area where the local fisherman’s are constructing their local boats (Dhow boats), stalactite caves with natural ponds for swimming, wonderful beaches and authentic local Zanzibar village.


After breakfast at 08:00, take a daily rolling excursion to the Northern side of island of Zanzibar for a variety of its landscapes and culture. The hike will begin in the northern Nungwi village by visiting the conservation center for protecting the sea turtles of the Zanzibar region, a short walk along the coast to the center of the local boat builders and the village fish market.

Get back on the bus and drive to a non-touristic cave, a 10-minute walk in the bush in a tropical vegetation until arriving at a spectacular cave descent with a spring and natural swimming pool with the clearest water you’ve ever seen.
Have fun and smile in the cave find a small treasure and from there we will continue to the VILLA KIVA for lunch at an Italian beachfront restaurant at Matemwe.

After lunch a visit to an authentic village, mud houses water well to the village and that’s it.
We will end the wonderful day at a wild and secluded beach in the north east at Mayunui Beach for swimming fruit until you will feel comfortable to return to the hotel within 30 minutes’ drive.
Breakfast – Hotel
Lunch – Hotel VILLA KIVA as part of the route
Dinner – at the Hotel






At this day there will be another surprise and a sea challenge to the Mitzva children
Turquoise Safari Cruise with a local Dhow to an amazing Turquoise Unpopulated island For Daily Recreation of Reef Snorkeling and Tours.


Once again after breakfast at the hotel, this time we will take a cruise on a local Dhow sailing boat with a magical island which a white sand bank that simple during the high tide disappears and has to enter back to the boat before the island disappears.

Snorkeling, sea food barbecue lunch on the island and boat tours between the lagoons and islands an unforgettable ocean safari.


A disappearing island with also a disappearing treasure that you will need to find in order to complete the trip mission, with an African maturation degree and obtaining the maturation certificate on the amazing island,


Back to the hotel around 7pm
Breakfast – Hotel
Lunch – on the lost islands
Dinner – at the selected hotel





A choice between relaxing in the hotel and choosing one of Sima Safari’s Day trips on the island. ( with extra costs)
• ATV Trip
•Snorkeling in a lovely island and Sailingin searching for dolphins
• Zanzibar’s famous spice farm and a tour of Stone Town in the Old City and Turtle Island on one trip
Breakfast – at the hotel
Lunch not included in either hotel or one of the excursions
Dinner – at the hotel
Drive to the airport and flight to your next destination
Breakfast – at the hotel
Early lunch is not included in the hotel
Price starting with 15 people
Price: Adult in a double room: $ 2250
A 12 or 13 year old in a room with 2 adults: $ 2000
A child below 12 with 2 Parents: $ 1450
Single room: $ 2550
A child under 12 shares with another child: $ 1850
A child under 5 shares with parents: $ 1100


The price includes:
• 4 days safari car + guide driver and transfers
• 3 liter Mineral water per day per person in the safari car for all game drive
• Full board in all safaris
• All costs reserved and visiting tribes and the various surprises
• Flight to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro airport at 19:40
• 5 nights in Zanzibar at hotel on a half board basis ( price is based on Ocean paradise resort)
• Tours described in Zanzibar
• Transfers in Zanzibar


Price does not include:
• Drinks other than water in safari
• Tips for driver guides and hotels for waiters and porters
• Tours in Zanzibar on 9th day
• Lunch in Zanzibar on days when there are no trips
• $ 50 visa
• Travel insurance
• Cost of a tour leader

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