Safari at North Tanzania during any season of the year will always be one of your amazing adventures ever. The northern national parks are the most populated national parks with varieties of animals including big cats. Serengeti is arguably the most famous destination for safari in Africa. The vast, open plains of the Serengeti epitomize, for many, what Africa is all about.
Number of clients: 26 Pax
Validity: Throughout the year
Arrival at Kilimanjaro international airport:
Departure at Kilimanjaro international airport:
DAY 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro, transfer to accommodation in Arusha
Venus Premier Hotel – FB
DAY 2: Tarangire National Park
Hhondo lodge or similar – FB
DAY 3: Serengeti Natioanal Park Via Ngorongoro Area
Baobab Lodge or similar – FB
DAY 4: Serengeti National Park
Baobab Lodge or similar- FB
DAY 5: Ngorongoro Crater and Masai tribe
The Forest Hill hotel or similar- FB
DAY 6: Transfer to Zanzibar for four nights
Ocean Paradise beach resort or Similar for 4 Nights – HB
Pick up from Kilimanjaro airport to your hotel for refresh, dinner and over night.


ג'ירפה בטנזניה
Overnight will be at the Forest Hill hotel
Your tour guide will meet you at 08:00 after breakfast at the hotel with our Safari car which has 7 tourist personal seats, sockets for mobile and another charge need, refrigerator with cold mineral water for the entire safari,
You will drive for 2 hours to Tarangire national park. Your typical safari car has a pop up roof, and each person has his own private chair.


Middle chair at the last raw is replace with refrigerator we recommend no more than 6 people in a safari car.
Tarangire is the Kingdom of the Elephant in the North, 420 species of birds , all big cats and antelopes and the famous huge baobab trees


                     Tarangire national park has an elephant population of more than 6000

                                            Even the elephant looks small near the baobab trees

                            All big cats as Lions, Leopard and Cheetah can be seen in Tarangire

Overnight at a beautiful Hhondo Lodge


Starting in the rain forest, you will drive all the way up to the view point of the crater which you will visit on your way back from the Serengeti plains.
Maasai villages along the road, the only tribe who is allowed to live among the wild animals, as they always did, since they arrived to the big planes of Ngorongoro the prefect grazing area for their cattle, which is the Maasai major asset.
Along the road to Serengeti your will pass through different spices of Antelopes, Zebra, Giraffe and who know what else will be seen on your way, that is the nature of game drive. It is a game with full of surprises on the way.
Serengeti in the Maasai word is endless plains as you can see in the below picture. And in to this plane came thousands of years ago and even much more than that, the wildebeest (Gnu) in millions of them along with the Zebra, which makes the Serengeti so famous, “The Big Migration”. Along the year this migration is migrating from south to north and back following the fresh green grass that the Gnu likes so much, and make it moving and moving grazing and moving. Below you can see the Migration maps and following the season Sima Safari will take you the area where the Migration is there.
Around 18:00 arriving to your special camps in the Serengeti plains



Our recommendation in the Serengeti is to use the luxury tented camps as your favor accommodation lodges rather then the structural lodges.
• More wild and living in the bush,
• Adventure
• Rooms are in high standard only design to be in a big tent structure than a regular room ( see picture below)
• Less costly
Nevertheless we are providing other lodges structure with cement
Overnight at Baobab Lodge
The central Serengeti has many herds of antelopes which make the central Serengeti is a very convenient area for the big cats and other predators. Along the Seronera River will be our game drive today, the Seronera River is the heart of the central of Serengeti and what make it so rich with Animals and Big cats. Today is the game drive on the search for the big cats, good luck. With the help of Sima Safari amazing tour guide we are sure this day will not be a disappointed, it’s guaranteed.




2 brothers in the central Serengeti are waiting for their time to rule


                                                  the big cats of the Serengeti


On 18:00 return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.
After enjoying a leisurely breakfast starting with a game drive to the south of Serengeti passing the gate and continuing with the game drive to Ngorongoro conservation area.
You will visit a Maasai village learning their way of surviving among the wild life and about their culture. The Maasai arrived to Ngorongoro from SINAI dessert as they believed and decided to stop in the Ngorongoro area, were they believe their god exist in Oldonyo Lengai (Mount of God in Maasai) near Lake Natron. 
The Ngorongoro plains are very fertile from the volcanic eruption of the Ngorongoro crater and are best place for grazing their cattle, which is the Maasai major asset.
After the visit to the Maasai you will drive down into the crater… enjoy all wild life in a very small area and one of the most beautiful places in your trip.
Around 16:30, climbing from crater and return to your lodge in Arusha for dinner and good sleep.



                                    Maasai worriers watching the crater from the cliff

The crater is one of the only parks where it can be possible to watch rhino in the wild not protected in their own area


Overnight at The Forest Hill
Leaving very early morning the hotel in Arusha for a morning flight to Zanzibar. At 05:30 am leaving the hotel, take off on 07:10 am arriving to Zanzibar around 08:10 am. Pickup to the hotel, arriving round 09:45 check in, and if still need ot wait for the room couple of hours enjoying the facilities of the hotel along the white beaches of the Indian ocean.


                                                       Ocean Paradise resort and Spa

Day 6– 10: 4 nights in Zanzibar 
Day 10: Pick up from your hotel to the International airport at Zanzibar for your flight to your next destination.
Trip Cost 
Number of People
Price in USD per Person for both safari and Zanzibar
1 Person
Price on Request
2 Pax
3 Pax (If triple room)
4 Pax
5 Pax (If one double room)
6 Pax
For children
-Single child will add $390
-Below 16 years will pay less $337
-Between 5 and 12 years sharing with 2 adult will pay less $900
-Between 5 and 12 years sharing own room or with 1 adult will pay less $660
-Child below 5 years will pay $1200 less


Price includes:
• 5 days Safari car and professional tour guide driver
• Full board Mineral water for the entire Safari
• Full board accommodation at all lodges/hotels in the Safari
• All park fees and tribe’s fees
• Map of Tanzania and English Swahili dictionary
• All transportation to/from the airport
• WiFi  for your entire trip
• Domestic flight from Kilimanjaro /Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar
• 4 nights in Zanzibar in 4 + star hotel on HB basis Ocean Paradise
• Transfers in Zanzibar.


Does not include
• Drinks at Dinner
• Tips to guides and porters ( Tour guide tip 30$ per day per safari car)
• Visa
• Insurance
• International flight to JRO ( Kilimanjaro) return or Zanzibar the return, recommend Ethiopian airlines
• Lunch in Zanzibar
• Day Trips in Zanzibar


NOTE: Level of accommodation can be changed to higher standard following client request. The itinerary we are usually send is a good standard level of accommodation good food, friendly team in the lodges, in the safari there is no indication of STAR level all good lodges.
Zanzibar not less than 4 star hotel and good ones that we have good experience with and we know the place personally.
If a client will request change it is easy and we just amend the budget

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