7 DAYS MOUNT KENYA TREK(Chogoria Traverse.)

07 Days Chogoria Traverse.
This Safari to Mt. Kenya gives the visitor the opportunity to experience all the contrasting scenery of Mt. Kenya. This safari is a beautiful blend of all our itineraries, taking advantage of the best aspects of the three main approach routes to the peak area: Chogoria, Sirimon and Naromoru.
Depart from Nairobi early 0800hrs and be driven towards Mt. Kenya region which is rich in agricultural products up to Chogoria town for lunch. After lunch, we take 4×4 and drive up to the edge of the bamboo forest where we start our trekking through the dense bamboo forest for distance of 10 km up to the Mt Kenya Bandas. Dinner and overnight at the camp.
Camp; Mt. Kenya Bandas 2,900m/ 9,500 ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 3 hours.
Distance; 10 km.
Rating; Medium.
Altitude gained; 300m.
הר קניה
After breakfast and sorting of porter loads we set off up the mountain at a nice and easy pace A slightly longer walk via Lake Ellis gives scenic views of Mugi, Ithanguni and the Giants Billiards Table, whilst if we follow the river near road head, upstream for about 3 km, the foreground scenery and flora is particularly beautiful.
Lunch on the banks of a stream, then it’s time to cut up the left hand hillside to our camp at about 3,600m, well away from any of the more “touristy” areas.
Camp; Lake Ellis 3,600m/ 11,880 ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 5 hours.
Distance; 7 km.
Rating; Medium.
Altitude gained; 700m.
הר קניה
Similar early start. Again well off the beaten track to follow a ridge up the mountain for about 3 hours to eventually join the tourist track on the normal Chogoria route at an altitude of about 4,100m. Breathe taking views over the Gorges Valley and back over towards Ithanguni and the Northern Moorlands.
Lunch is served at a small stream crossing, before continuing for a further hour to the Mintos Hut area at 4200m and our night’s rest.
Afternoon is spent relaxing at camp, though a 10 minute walk to the “Temple” is well worth the effort. This is a 150 meters vertical cliff that gets its name from the position visitors often adopt when peering over the edge – they look as if they are praying.
Camp; Minto’s camp 4,200m/ 13,860 ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 5- 6 hours.
Distance; 8 km.
Rating; Medium.
Altitude gained; 600m.
הר קניה
הר קניהDescend to Lake Michaelson, in the depth of the Gorges Valley. See the incredible cave formation known as the Temple. Walk down the valley to Vivienne falls (named after the famous author of Speak to the Earth). Return to camp in the afternoon. Overnight at Mintos camp (4,300m.).
Camp; Mintos camp 4,300m/ 14,200ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 6 hours
Distance; 7 km.
Rating; Medium.
Altitude gain; descend 200m then back to camp.
Pre-dawn start at 0300hrs from the Mintos camp and attempt the 3rd highest peak – Pt. Lenana, 4,985m to be on the top of the summit by sunrise for good view of the main peaks and mountain environs. On a clear day you can be able to see Uhuru peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro- a few minutes for celebration and photos. Then descend down on the North face route- sirimon route to Simba col down to Shiptons camp for breakfast and rest. Dinner and overnight at the camp.
Peak Summited; Point Lenana, 4985m/ 16355ft
Camp; Shiptons camp – 4,300m/ 14,200ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 8 hours.
Distance; 8 km.
Rating; High.
Altitude gained; 700m.
הר קניה הר קניה הר קניה
After breakfast hike over the Mackinders valley down to Hausberg tarn, two tarn down to Mackinders camp for lunch. The Mackinders is set on eastside of the mountain with clear view of the three main peaks Batian, Nelion and Lenana. The hike makes a complete circuit of the main peaks and views, sceneries from all main routes.
Afternoon proceed down through the moorland down to forest to Met. Station arriving at the camp late afternoon. Overnight at Met. Station.
Camp; Met. Station- 3,080m/ 10,000ft.
Accommodation facility; High altitude tents- camping.
Trekking time; 8 hours (With breaks).
Distance; 15 km.
Rating; High.
Altitude gained; 785m.
הר קניה
After Breakfast begin a 3 hours nice walk through the forest to Naromoru parkgate where you find vehicle waiting to transfer back to Nairobi or your next destination.
Camp; Naromoru – 1,970m/ 6,500ft.
Trekking time; 3 hours.
Distance; 9 km.
Rating; Medium.
Number Of People
Price in USD per person
1 Person
2 Pax
3 Pax
4 Pax
5 Pax
6 Pax
7 Pax
8 Pax
Cost includes;
• Pickup from Nairobi to the start of the mountain –depending with the itinerary.
• *All park entry fees,
• *Camping fees,
• Full board up on the mountain,
• Guide, Cook, and porters,
• Accommodation in high altitude tents in Single or Twin Sharing (As per the itinerary),
• Accommodation in mountain huts – depending with the itinerary.
• Drop off at Nairobi after the trek.
Not included;
• All personal trekking gears – see list attached. We do have gears for hire from our mountain store.
• Accommodation in hotel before and after the trek.
• Drinks, shopping, tipping and extras while on safari.
www.simasafari.com Mountain Equipment List & Hiring charges.
Items on this list has been chosen to maximize your comfort and safety while hiking on the mountain.
• Wool hat: Bring one that covers ears, a balaclava type is excellent.- available for hire @ Usd 20 per hat.
• Shade Hat: Visor hats with good brims are essential for protection from the equatorial sun.
• Sunglasses: Essential for eye protection in the tropics, at altitude. • Sunscreen: Bring plenty of complete sun block.
• Lip Balm: you’re favorite.
• Upper Body Layers: For climbing the mountain we recommend you have three warm layers. Items must be made of wool, synthetic or pile. Make sure all layers fit comfortably over each other and supply good insulation. – Down Jacket or heavy jacket of wool- available for hire @ Usd 40 per jacket.
• Freeze jacket or warm wool sweater- available for hire @ Usd 30 per sweater.
• T-shirts – 3 pcs- Synthetic is the best.
•Gloves : Wool or pile. One pair of heavy mittens and a light pair of gloves work wellavailable for hire @ Usd 20 per pair.
• Rain Parka: Afternoon showers are common in East Africa, especially on the mountain. Bring a good rain parka- waterproof nylon that has been “seam sealed” – Available for hire @ Usd 40 per rain jacket.
• Quick Dry Hiking Shorts: 1 pair. Good for hiking at lower elevations on the mountain.
• Long Underwear Bottoms: One pair. Wool or synthetic.
• Wool, Bunting or Pile Pants: One pair that fit loosely and are comfortable.
• Rain Trouser: Bring a good pair of rain pants. Waterproof nylon that has been “seam sealed”. Available for hire at Usd 40 per pair
• Tights: Lycra or polypropylene type are comfortable to hike in, provide good warmth.
• Undergarments: Enough for the duration of the trek.
• Thin Socks: Two pair of synthetic socks to wear under heavy wool socks. These help to prevent blisters and keep feet dry- available for hire @ Usd 20 per pair.
• Thick Socks: 3 pairs of heavy wool or synthetic socks to wear for warmth with hiking boots- available for hire @ Usd 20 per pair.
• Hiking Boots: One pair medium weight hiking boots large enough to be comfortable with on liner sock and one heavy wool –available for hire @ Usd 40 per pair.
• Tennis Shoes or sandals: These are to wear in camp after a day of hiking.
• Sleeping Bag: On the mountain temperatures can get down to zero degrees Fahrenheit at night so bring a warm bag- available for hire @ Usd 40 per sleeping bag.
• Water Bottle: One of 2 liters wide-mouthed plastic bottles at least. The rest of days we refill with stream water. Bring purifying tables.
• Rucksack (60ltrs): A comfortable pack with some support is adequate to carry personal gear by the porters- available for hire @ Usd 40 per rucksack.
• Day Pack: Small day pack for your personal loads with camera gear, water for the day and rain jacket and personal effects- available for hire @ Usd 30 per day pack.
• Store bag of the clothes to be left at hotel. This will meet you at the hotel after the climb.
• Plastic Bags: Several, to double bag your sleeping bag and clothes on the mountain. It can rain every afternoon.
• Toiletries: Bring enough for entire trip. Keep simple and light. Bring enough for all your needs.
• Walking sticks: Optional* helps to balance on steep terrain- available for hire @Usd 25 per pair.
• Headlamp or head lamp: Important on summit day and handy in camp. Plenty of batteries- available for hire @ Usd 30 per headlamp.
• Personal First Aid and Drug Kit:
• Trail Munchies: Although plenty of snack food is provided, trekkers like that taste of home in their pack. Touted as an important accessory by those who have brought them in the past!
• Hot Drink Mixes: We will provide plenty of coffee, cocoa and tea, but non-caffeinated drinks are not readily available here. Bring a supply of your favorite herbal teas.
• Towel: For wash up in camp, a small one is fine, or you can use a bandana.
•Towelettes: Such as “Wash ‘n’ Dries” for general hygiene.
• Spare Glasses: For contact wearers in dusty conditions and any eye glass wearer while on vacation.
• Umbrella: Very useful against rain and sun. Most guides use one

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