9 Days of Safari Combined with Tribes in the Famous Northern National parks of Tanzania.


This tour will include a visit to Tarangire National Parks, commonly referred to as the kingdom of elephants, The Ngorongoro conservation area and the crater where wild animals live in harmony with the Maasai people. 


Also you will Visit the Serengeti national park, which is the home of the most spectacular event in the world, “The Big Migration”. On this park you will spend most of the time photographing around the Ndutu lake Area during the calving period. February March each year.


Arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport  and after a border police transfer and a $ 50 visa payment, pick up for a rest after a flight to downtown Arusha near open markets where we will tour this afternoon with a first impression guide from Africa.
On the way you will have a chance to see the local colorful market entering the Africa atmosphere.  


Morning after breakfast your tour guide and driver  for the next 9 days will meet you with our special safari car, equipped with a refrigerator and outlets for charging electric and portable electric devices, wifi for the entire trip, mineral water 3 liter per day per person, and a daily hot bush lunch serve in a high standard. 
A vehicle with 7 seats, but no more than 4 people will be  in the vehicle for photographers’ trip, allowing more space for each photographer. 
 heading  for safari in the elephant kingdom’s Tarangire national park, bird paradise and a host of predators and all big cats. 7 hours in Tarangire between the giant Baobab trees. Around 17:30 leaving the park and after 1.5 hour arriving to the charming lodge

Early breakfast and a short drive towards the Ngorongoro Area. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to a number of famous attractions.

1) The Ngorongoro  Crater (Caldera) formed from a collapse of a volcano which, after the eruption, remained hollow beneath the rock and the mountain ceiling collapsed to form a very fertile volcanic soil crater.
The Crater is full with salt and fresh lakes and a huge variety of birds and the vast richness of the most dense mammals of all the world’s wildlife reserves. The crater is very protected and therefore the option to get off the paths is forbidden, so photography may not necessarily be from a very close distance, but still with the variety and the large number of animals, many of them will be very close to you.
The Crater is the only national park  where you might  see all the BIG 5
Elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards  and rhinos, but need some luck to see them all.
Two Morona ( Maasai fighters)  look out at the crater from their flock of herds




2)  The Masai tribe according to their history wandered from the Sinai Desert (Sinai in the Masai language it desert) along the Nile some stopped in Ethiopia and Sudan leaving relatives, continued to the Lake Victoria area and from there because the area was occupied they migrated to the vast pastures of Nairobi, Masai Mara,  Serengeti  and the Ngorongoro area all Maasai names. That is called until today the Massai Land. 
The Maasai tribes whose main occupation is the cattle herds when reached the Serengeti and Ngorongoro plains decided to stop and settle in the place. And why?
They found out that the Ngorongoro and South Serengeti plains having the most fertile grass, due to the volcanic eruption that enrich the soil with minerals, 
That is also the reason that the Gnu big migration herds and the Zebra have chosen the vast fertile plains of Ngorongoro and South Serengeti as the calving place, since the fertile grass enrich the milk the calves drink and make them healthier and stronger for the journey that will start on April to the North. 



3) The Big migration of Gnu and the Zebras;  From January – April most of them are in the South of Serengeti and in the vast Ngorongoro Plains
From February – mid march every year the calving period is taking place.
Around 500,000 young Gnu and 100,000 young Zebra are born
and this will be a majot part of your trip, game drive around the Ndutu lake off road where ever it takes to find the most spectacular spot for you to take the right shots. 
You will Spend 4 full days in Lake Ndutu’s  calving area. 
After a safari in the crater and a visit to the tribe in May, continue your trip to the lodge in the Lake Ndutu area where you will spend  3 nights  and 2 more nights after visiting in between the Central Serengeti  (Total of 5 nights around the Calving area)
All nights at Mbugani Ndutu Migration tented camp


Typical image from the Lake Ndutu area in March
A calm morning departure from Lake Ndutu towards the central Serengeti where the concentration of lions and leopards is relatively high. This does not mean that you will not see lions and other predators before, but the chances of the Central  Serengeti  is very high to see a wide species. A safari along the Seronera River that flows across the Serengeti and serves as a permanent source of life for the many herds and species of African animals followed by the predators in the African food chain. Over night at 

Two Serengeti brothers are waiting for their hour to reign

Safari follows the big cats and predators of the Central  Serengeti 
The morning will begin in Serengeti with the face back south and return to Lake Ndutu for another two days in the area
Accommodation at  MBUGANI TENT CAMP 
Morning game drive along Ngorongoro conservation area  from Lake Ndutu to Arusha town.  Upon arrival, drive to your hotel for dinner and overnight
Travel to hot springs (MAJI MOTO) near Airport and from there after a short shower at the hotel near the airport depart from Kilimanjaro international airport back to your home.

The cost of the trip
Price for 4 photographers in a long safari car suitable for 8 people for 9 nights 10 days
1) If 16 people : Double room: $ 3350
2) If 12 people  in a double room: $ 3550
3) If 8 people  in a double room: $ 3750
Addition per person in single room $ 300
The price includes:
• 8 days safari car + guide driver and transfers from the airport  and back
• 9 nights in quality hotels along the safari
• Mineral water for all safaris
• Full board in all safaris
• All entry fees to national parks and visiting tribes
• Maps and English-Swahili small dictionary 
• WIFI in the car during the entire trip
• Nature Photographer  Guide cost  fees
Price does not include:
• Drinks other than water in safari
• Tips for local tour guides drivers and photographer guide  
• $ 50 visa
• Travel insurance recommends rescue insurance for safari days

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