Photographers and nature lovers – Mara river crossing

Following the great migration, 8 days of exciting Safari in North Tanzania. Sep' 2021
A journey into the Serengeti wilderness – Following the Wildebeest herds – crossing the Mara river
Sima Safari is happy to host you in Tanzania and present the natural treasures of the African wilderness. Wildlife photographer – Atzmon Dagan, will guide and escort this special journey which evolves photography workshop to advanced and beginners as one. It fits for every nature lover who uses a smartphone camera, up to the most sophisticated DSLR’S. 
8 Days of Safari, in the most important and thrilling national parks in northern Tanzania. We’ll start in the famous Serengeti reserve, where we will spend 4 days. We’ll drive north towards the Mara River, where we will watch the herds crossing back from Kenya to Tanzania. In all of those days, we will look obviously for the big Cats. In day 6 we will visit one of the most unique places in the world – Ngorongoro crater. Day 7 will be dedicated to a visit with the authentic tribes – The Hadzebe indigenous people. In the afternoon there will be an option to visit Lake Maniera reserve. day 8 – A visit to  Tarngiri NP – The kingdom of the Elephants. The trip will take place in an 8 seater jeep, with no more than 4 participants in it. 
Dates :
5.9.21 – 12.9.21 

About the guide
Atzmon is a Wildlife, Nature and Extreme photographer which lived and travelled in Africa and Tanzania specifically in the recent years. His passion for Nature and Wildlife leads him in his journey. He has abundant experience as a guide, in various kinds of activities. He believes in personal guidance to each and every person in his groups.  Atzmon specializing in stills photography as well as Videography. Here is part of his work – 
For more photos and information – 

20 years of experience in Africa

Best Safari guides. We aren't compromising on quality

New Jeeps equipped with Wi-Fi, AC and coller box

Attractive prices. It's our obligation.

special route designed for Nature lovers and photographers

Only 4 people in a vehicle. Your comfort is important

Top 7 things that we will be focusing on this trip
  • The great migration of course! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s your opportunity to experience one of the most amazing phenomenon that exists in nature. That’s the main reason for this trip.
  • Learning about our camera to the finest detail. A camera is a tool which can be used for emphasizing and presenting the reality we experience. Studying the technical aspects of the camera will serve us in achieving the best results. 
  • Introduction with the Wildlife – Not in every day we get to meet Lions, Elephants and Leopards. We will learn about their behaviour out of curiosity, and also because it will help us to get a better image. 
  • We will study important topics in Photography – Composition, angles, lighting, colours, the decisive moment and much more! All of these are key measures which help us to do the most eminent thing with the camera – Telling an interesting story which attracts the viewer’s eyes and attention. 
  • Getting to know the tribes of Tanzania and their culture – Part of our journey is meeting indigenous people. Ancient cultures that live the same lifestyle as their ancestors.  
  • Being in the right place at the right time. We are here to get the best frames.
  • More than anything that was mentioned above, we gonna focus on the adventure and experience itself. This is one in a lifetime trip which will bring unforgettable memories. Each participant can choose how much he wants to learn professionally wise. 
Arrive at  01:00 PM Kilimanjaro Airport. Sima Safari guides and the photography guide will wait for you there. After a short introduction, we’ll lead you straight to Arusha national park and we’ll start the game drive. Afterwards we’ll have dinner and discuss what is expecting us in the next few days, and how we will capture the best shots.
Accomadtion –
outpost arusha

Safari or game drive in the professional term is a slow speed drive inside the national park, searching for Wildlife. The Serengeti is the most famous reserve in all of Africa.  We will spend time in the reserve looking for the great Wildebeest herds, which are migrating in circles across the plains during the year. The migration is usually permanent in its locations according to the seasons. The herds follow the rains and graze where ever there is grass to feed. We’ll also search for the big cats like Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs. As well as other Wildlife such as Hyenas, Elephants, Buffalo and a lot more… 
The second day will start on a ride of 1.5 hours towards the gate of the park. From there we’ll head to central Serengeti, photographing the animals. 

This day will start with a 3 hours drive towards the north part of Serengeti. Game drive following the big cats. We will have a warm meal for lunch. At the afternoon we’ll arrive at the Mara River, searching for the Wildebeest and Zebra herds. A wonderful day in the savhanna.
Accomodation – 

A full day in the Mara River, following the herds. We will see enormous amount of Wildebeeste as well as Zebras crossing the river. 

We’ll spend one more morning at the river and then will start heading south towards central Serengeti. We’ll drive slowly looking for interesting situations to photograph. 
Accommodation – 

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most important attractions of our journey. The crater was created millions of years ago by a huge volcanic eruption, left behind by a huge crater whose walls tower up to 600 meters. The crater is the densest place in the world of African animals per square meter, and even the only place where all the “Big Five” can be seen at once: elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and Leopards. (You need luck for that!)
At the end of the safari day, we will ascend back from the crater rim and leave the Ngorongoro area to see the sunset, having a couple of bottles of wine at

Early morning with the Hadzbe tribe, the Hunters – Gatherers people. We will join them as they going to catch their food for the day – Snakes, rats and pigeons usually. Afterwards, we’ll see how they live their lives, with no shelter, literally between the bushes. The Hadzbe are very welcoming people, they like to smoke cannabis and they are happy with their traditional way of living. This visit will allow us to go back in time and have a unique glimpse of how humans survived on earth, ages ago. A great opportunity for stunning pictures. 
After the visit to the Hadzbe tribe, we will continue to visit the Datuga tribe, iron engravings and blacksmiths. The arrows for the Hadzbe tribe are produced in return For meat.  We’ll watch the production of arrows and the life of this special tribe. Lunch at the hotel Marera village resort 
In accordance with our wishes after lunch, you will be given the opportunity to enter nearby Lake Manyara and spend the afternoon there until sunset. Entry to the reserve is $ 55
From there a short drive to the outskirts of the Trangiri reserve Accommodation  
Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

We will wake up early to get to the reserve with first light. Tarangire is known to be as the kingdom of the elephants. The park also contains all the rest of the animals, as well as 420 different kinds of birds. The huge Baobab trees are also a main character of the reserve, making the gentle giants small compare to them. At the afternoon we’ll leave the park and head back to Kilimanjaro international airport for our flight back home.
The price includes:
8 days safari car + certified, high-level guide and driver, 
All transfers (airport, hotels)
7 nights in quality hotels along with the safari
Mineral water for all safaris
Full board accommodation and meals
Entrance fee for all the national parks and the tribe visits
Maps and Swahili English dictionary
Wifi for the Safari jeep
Professional photography guide
Price does not include:
Drinks other than water in safari
Tips for driver and hotel guides (Safari driver is acceptable for not less than $ 30 per day per vehicle)
$ 50 visa
Travel insurance
International flights(Destination is Kilimanjaro airport)
Covid 19 test on arrival 25$ 
Covid 19 before flying back 100$ 

Price per person:
This tour will feature 10 – 16   nature lovers and photographers.
4 people in a long safari vehicle suitable for 8 people. 7 nights 8 days.  2 participants will share a double room 
3,500 USD (for 16 pax)
3,700 USD (for 14 pax)
3,700 USD (for 12 pax)
3,900 USD (for 10 pax)
Extra payment for a single person in a room – $ 350 for the whole trip.

Vaccines: Recommendation for malaria pills and in any case consult a doctor at medical travel centers abroad

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