A unique nature lovers and nature photographer trip to the wild fisherman villages along Tanzania beaches, Selous game reserve one of the most wild reserve in Africa combined with boat safari and endless birding photographic opportunities.
You will travel between tropical and unspoiled villages and mountains, Maasai tribal villages, 420 species of birds, the nature reserve rich in a variety of wildlife. Udzungwa rain forest and Mikumi National park known as small Serengeti of the south.
You will be welcomed by a Sima Safari team after your arrival at Dar es salaam International airport and our vehicle s will pick you to a hotel in the Ras Kutani area where you will spend the first two nights in Tanzania. Hotel on wild beaches of the Indian Ocean,



Take a morning tour of spectacular mangrove beaches with huge tides.
A pampering lunch on the beach, a small local boat  through the mangrove channels, visiting some of the most unique fishing villages and returning back to the hotel.

The beaches are 70 kilometers south of Dar esalam along the Indian Ocean. Fishermen’s Village

רכב ספארי טנזניה
A typical safari vehicle is equipped with power outlets, a vehicle suitable for 7 bullets but only 4 photographers in each vehicle.
On this day, departure with the safari vehicles to the Selous Game Reserve. A 6.5 hour drive with stops along the way  for pictures of picturesque villages. From areas of natural ponds with purple lilies, coconut crops, pineapple, cassava and others. About two hours on Main Road followed by driving along the Rufiji River and sometimes monkey and bird bands will greet us. Lunch break at Tent Lodge on the edge of the river cliff and continue to a lodge where you will spend 3 nights. A short set-up and a going for a  two-hour boat safari  for sunset between sandy islands and other surprises along the Rufiji River. Lodge accommodation within the AFRICA SAFARI CAMP
On this day you will encounter between the animal species of East Africa and those of the South. A fascinating variety of many mammal species, reptiles and 420 species of birds in a huge variety of colors. Selous is considered to be the wildest park in Tanzania, and because of its remoteness, not many tourists visit it.


We will ride our Safari car  in the park, between the five lakes and the huge Rufiji River that give the park a dimension that does not exist in any other park in Tanzania.


Turn off the car engines and watch the variety of animals descending to quench their thirst in lake water; Elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, tallow wolves, hyenas and many more.


Inside the blue water are hippos interspersed with a plethora of birds that fill the air with warnings from the giant crocodiles, lurking to the herds of antelope descending from pastures to sip in the lake. Properly photographing tour will be allocated a long time and according to the guidelines of your loyal instructor for photography from every angle.

Selous is the best place suited for those who like to take photos, and the reasons are:
• A diverse landscape of mountains and great lakes and rivers that add to the variety of wildlife on land and water and air.
• It is permissible to drive of roads  what is not allowed in any other nature reserve and can approach the object from a zero distance shot
• Experienced photographic safari drivers who understand the photographer’s head and move right to left and back to find the right angle for photographers
• The only safari close to wonderful beaches that diversify photography and photo landscapes
Accommodation in Selous 3 nights will be at AFRICA SAFARI CAMP

This is also may happen from time to time in the Lodge
Combine morning on boat safari on the Selous lakes and noon to evening game drive safari.

This is unique safari for the Selous as you will boat safari  along the Rufiji River and lakes connected to the river.
A wide variety of kingfishers, storks, fish eagles,  yellow and golden weavers, many varieties of heron, bee eaters, rollers and many others   and all among hippopotamus, crocodiles, monkeys and big mammal flocks that may descend to the river and lakes quench their thirst and all in the background of spectacular tree trunks , A celebration for photographers for the scenery of Genesis
Arrive at SIWANDU Lake at the end of the boat safari  to lunch on the banks of the lake and continue an afternoon safari ride on various safari destinations and surprises from the previous day. Back at 6:30 pm to the hotel.


Farther safari in Selous Lake Manze and Tagalala  with different landscapes different vegetation and one hot spring for relaxation in the middle of the safari in a most surprising place. We will end this day with a quality tented lodge on the west side of the Selous Reserve

A morning visit to Masai village followed by a stop in a colorful village on its main street where you will find a variety of faces and stories to photograph. Urunguru mountain with special scenery and beautiful countryside.
The end of the day will be in a pleasant lodge at Mikumi 

A rain forest reserve on the slops  of a mountain that descends to the huge kilombero  plains filled with sugarcane and rice crops.

Walking along the Sanji River  to the Sanji Falls within a vast array of tropical and climbing trees, Butterflies, birds and endemic monkeys as the Red Colobus Monkeys and a variety of other monkeys found in the reserve.
5 hours walk up and down ( mid level of walking ) excluding lunch break. 

Back to accommodation at the TAN SWISS hotel


Large concentration of African wildlife in a relatively small area. We will wait during the hot hours in the small ponds for the  all the herds to come to drink, and hopefully the elephant will arrive for noon bath, which is a spectacular event to watch. 

Elephants strolling and playing with each other in the water, squabbling and wrestling, giraffes slowly pacing and watching from above for dangers before deciding to step foot and drink from the lake’s waters in the most uncertain position if a hungry lion bursts. Almost no need to travel simply all animals come in turn to drink and each one has its own story.


Departing from the park around 18:00, leave for the Morogoro city to stay at a hotel in the city.

Locations: You can turn off engines for an hour and more and just wait in front of the live water hope that comes to quench their thirst every few minutes another species comes to Africa for photographers and wildlife lovers of Africa

The boss of the herd is staring at life 

But they have to work hard to stay afloat

After breakfast a bus will pick you up at the airport a 4-hour drive arriving at around 15:00 to Dar es Salaam airport and flight to your country.
Price from 12 and up
 $ 3050 per person in a double room if staying 3 nights at the Selous Reserve in AFRICA SAFARI
$ 250 extra for a single person
If 8 pax to add $200


 $ 3875 per person if staying 3 nights in the Selous Reserve at SELOUS RIVERSIDE
Addition per person in single room $ 300


The price includes:
• 7 days safari vehicles 4 photographers in a long safari vehicle that can accommodate up to 7 travelers + guide driver and field and return transfers
• Water for all safaris
• Full board in all safaris and beaches in Tanzania including on-site safaris on the beach.
• All costs reserved and visiting tribes and beaches
• 2 nights at VILLA NYANGUMI on the wild beaches of Tanzania
• 3 nights at the AFRICA SAFARI Hotel in the Selous game reserve OR SELOUS RIVER SIDE CAMP
• Night at the SAIBLE MOUNTIAN VIEW Hotel in West Selous
• Overnight at TAN SWISS hotel.
• Small Swahili English maps and dictionary
• Costs of photo guide – Atzmon Dagan
• Tips for local guides and service providers
• Close training of cylindrical sparrows
• Instruction on each vehicle of a local English speaking driver
• Connectors between vehicles
• Photo bags for your convenience


Price does not include:
• Drinks other than water in safari

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