Nyamembe Island
Estimated Departure 08:00 (according to tides).
Approximate return to hotel from 18:00 to 19:00.
We will sail with a Dhow boat from Unguja Ukuu to a private island (nyamembe) with a spectacular sand bank. It is also known as “The Hidden Island”.


Then (according to tides) we sail directly to the lagoons if high tide or start on the sand bank if its low tide. The blue Lagoon is a natural, warm and relaxing pool that fills with the tide and empties with the low tide, surrounded by coral stones giving the spectacular sight.


On the island – you will be free to walk around, take photographs, eat fresh fruit, rest on a mat that we will provide you and especially to enjoy the magical tranquility you have come to. On the afternoon a delicious lunch (the best in Zanzibar) prepared by boat crew with rich and varied seafood. The food will be as per your request with options for both sea food and for vegetarians.
From there we will sail back to Unguja ukuu, arrive at its authentic coast and get into a car that will take you back to the hotel. (Soft drinks and tropical fruits will be provided throughout the day).
2 people – $ 110 per person
3 people – $ 80 per person
4 people – $ 70 per person
5 people – $ 60 per person
6 to 7 people – $ 55 per person
8 to 11 people – $ 50 per person
12+ people – $ 45 per person
Recommended equipment:
Camera, goo pro, towel, swimsuit, flip flops – preferably sandals, sunscreen

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