Estimated departure time (depending on your hotel) 08:00-09:00
Estimated return time is 17:00 to 19:00


We’ll start the day at the aquarium, which is located at the northern most point of Zanzibar near the lighthouse, where we will see how the sea turtles are preserved, treated and kept until release once a year. Then we will take a stroll to see the fish market and how to build the local dhow boats.


We will continue to the of beautiful stalactites caves, with natural springs and swimming pools in them. We will spend some time swimming in the caves and with the rays of light that enter the cave and illuminate the transparent water greatly enhance beautiful experience! We will visit the ruins of a historic building built by the Portuguese in the 15th century, near the caves. On the afternoon go to get lunch at Villa Kiva boutique hotel along Matemwe beach.


After that we will visit a very authentic local village, meet the charming local residents and children, see and learn about their simple way of life, how to live without modern means.
Later on go to an isolated quiet and calm beach, eat fruits and stay on the beach as much as you wish.
2 people – $ 60 per person
3 people – $ 55 per person
4 people – $ 50 per person
5 people – $ 45 per person
6 + people – $ 40 per person
* (Price Not including lunch) (for those interested in entering the water with sea turtles – $ 5 additional entrance cost).
Recommended equipment: sunscreen, towel, swimsuit, camera, cave – walking shoes or sandals.

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