Exit time from Nungwi area: 9:30
Estimated return time: 14:00
Cruise for a little less than an hour from Nungwi or Kendwa beach(Directly from your hotel if located in Nungwi or Kendwa)to the island of Tumbatu, where we nestle in beautiful coral reefs among a large variety of fish. Snorkelling in two sports and thereafter sea food lunch on the sand beach of Tumbatu island. On the boat will have fruit and cool, refreshing drinks.


For those staying at the North who are not willing to do Turquoise safari, this can be the best alternative as you will have a very beautiful snorkeling experience.
On the afternoon you will be served with lunch along the sandbank of the beach.


2 people – $ 80 per person
3 people – $ 70 per person
4 people – $ 60 per person
5 people – $ 55 per person
6 to 11 people – $ 50 per person
12+people – $ 45 per person


Joint(Without lunch): This means leaving the beach in Nungwi, sailing about 45minutes in each direction, on a boat with many more tourists. $ 30 per person
What to bring: swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, hat


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