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Safari to Tanzania, Where giants roam

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness area making safari to Tanzania one of the most important destinations for people traveling to Africa. And actually – what’s the wonder? There is just everything in it! What makes it so attractive is the fact that it is a destination that suits all types of trips and tastes.
If you love wildlife – you’ve reached one of the world’s best destinations; Nature lovers will be able to go on great treks here; Those interested in cultures will find over 130 tribes, and those who want to indulge will find beaches right from the movies. Safari to Tanzania is considered the best place in the world, thanks to its huge parks. 
Furthermore, it is the land of unlimited possibilities when it comes to the experience of feeling as in genesis of wildlife. From the vast options there are it can be a little confusing to choose the right track for you. We at Sima Safari, a Tanzanian company who knows every trail for Safari to Tanzania, will plan together with you the right safari tours packages that are just right for everyone and each group according to their wishes and season. We are planning for you the right combination for you if it is only a safari, a safari combined with a one of East Africa trek (see trekking) only a beach resort and / or a combination of Zanzibar’s magical beaches and Tanzania with a fascinating safari trip.
From the smallest such as the Tarangiri national park known for its elephant population, to the Serengeti, the most famous and most wonderful of all. The classic route in Tanzania includes the parks of the northern part, but those of you who want to taste more parks will also enjoy the southern and see, the small number of visitors to them makes them a wonderful experience in itself.
In the north of the country you will also find Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest mountain in Africa, and the highest independent mountain in the entire world, allowing a challenging week of climbing over the clouds.
Finally, Zanzibar, the island and the dream, is a great place to honeymoon, indulgent vacation, or end an African trip from The weather in Tanzania is comfortable year-round, so you can hike and enjoy the safari at your best – everything you imagined and beyond.
The Safari to Tanzania brings travelers with a huge variety of animals, such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, crocodiles and more to mention but a few..
If you try to imagine a safari place, you’ll be delighted to discover that Safari to Tanzania exceeds every imagination – and more than that. Tanzania offers the opportunity to go back millennia, to virgin and authentic nature in vast and green spaces, in clean air to the background of addictive nature sounds and fascinating tribes.
Safari to Tanzania with Sima Safari will allow you to choose from a variety of trips, depending on the atmosphere you are looking for. Those who prefer urban accommodation will be able to stay in quality, comfortable lodges; Anyone who prefers to stay in the reserves and feel the nature throughout the day and night, can spend the night in a camping safari. Independent Traveler Safari Tours in Tanzania are for anyone interested in such a trip. Designed for individuals, couples, families or close friends who are interested in a trip to Tanzania.
In Zanzibar there are quite a number of hotels of which you can choose where you want to stay
Sima Safari specializes in precisely tailoring trips according to the client’s demand and provides him with professional, quality and convenient service for building a personal itinerary for a safari trip in Tanzania or a vacation in Tanzania – while maintaining independence and a sense of security.
Tanzania is well rated in TripAdvisor and SafariBooking sites as the best destination for safari in Africa

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